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Double Good Popcorn

Support the PTSA by ordering popcorn Feb. 28 - Mar 3, 2024


One of the major functions of our PTSA is to fundraise for our school. We have a variety of programs and events dedicated to earning money for our school – while providing value to our families.

Fundraising Opportunities


No Fuss Fundraising: This one is easy, just click here and make a quick donation via PayPal  Or if you prefer, please send in a check and all the money helps our teachers and students!

Link Your Grocery Store Card with WECHS every school year!

  • Remember!! Your grocery customer cards must be relinked each year.

  • Food Lion –  Click lion shop and share tab; use school code 23274

  • Harris Teeter –  Click community tab and use together in education tab; use school code 6211

  • Kroger –  You must visit the customer service desk. They will scan your card and the school’s barcode there.

  • Office Depot Back to School 5% Back to the Our School! Office Depot School Supplies

  • No Fuss Fundraiser – Just Donate! Now at

  • Support WECHS by purchasing tickets in advance of the NC State Fair!For every adult ticket purchased using 583, our school code, the State Fair will donate $2 to WECHS.  Every child ticket purchased using 583, the State Fair will donate $1 to our school.

  • To support WECHS, simply enter 583,  under “Membership” at check-out on the WCPSS admission ticket link, 


Other Ways to Support WECHS


It’s our goal to avoid fundraisers like selling cookies, candles, and wrapping paper. So, we use a combination of events and cash-back programs from stores and manufacturers to help WECHS.

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